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Restaurant Concept

Restaurant Concept Development

A.  Master Plan
1.  Planned Growth (Five Years)
2.  Store Standards (Prototype Facility Template), Signage Image Standards
3.  Client Criteria
4.  Trade Area Demographics (# of locations)
5.  Locations (Company vs Franchise)
6.  Franchise Development Criteria
7.  Franchise Offering
B.  Store Design - Objective of the Store Environment
1.  EXTERIOR "First Impression" (day and night)
a.  Visibility
b.  Signage
c.  Accessibility:  automobile, walk-in
d.  Parking
e.  Landscaping
f.  Lighting
2.  INTERIOR "First Impression" (as you enter) Interior Design Atmosphere
a.  Entry/Service area (queuing, signage, . . . )
b.  Seating/Tables (furnishing type, capacity)
c.  Interior Decor
d.  Retail Products
e.  Other items (day lighting, sound design system, lighting, rest rooms, . . . )
3.  LOCATIONS:  Real Estate
a.  Site Success Factors Criteria
1.  Physical characteristics, visibility, accessibility . . . 
2.  Activity Generators
3.  Competitive Environment (direct, indirect)
b.  Freestanding (new, conversions, remodel)
c.  Adaptive Reuse
d.  Fit-up space (In-lines, Malls, . . .)
e.  Power Pumpers
4.  VENDORS (new and existing) National Contracts
a.  Equipment
b.  Furnishings (Decor, tables, booths, chairs, . . . )
c.  Signage
d.  Building Equipment (HVAC, Lighting, sound, rest room fixtures, . . .)
e.  Building Finishes ( products, colors, sizes, . . .)
SBLAIA - Restaurant Concept Development
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